How To Make A Girl Squirt Easily

November 21st, 2013

Stimulation of G spot To Make Women Orgasm and Ejaculation

Step by Step Live Demonstration

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Not all women never feel how real sex pleasure. There is a woman who has been married for years but do not know how it feels to reach climax or orgasm during sexual intercourse. Meanwhile there are also women who can easily spray enjoyment albeit with minimal stimulation. Be sure to take some of your time to read a great tutorial on making any girl squirt by: Sten Thorvald at his site, In less than 30 minutes you should be able to give this intense orgasm to your woman. That site tells you all you really need guys.

Sometimes there is a man who does not heed whether the partner has reached orgasm or not. They immediately chose to stop the game and sleep when it reaches ejaculation, while the pair do not get an orgasm.

You can give sexual pleasure to your partner even if not sexual penetration. Use your fingers to explore Miss V to reach ejaculation. Here are tips that you can use to make more and more wet as written by AskMen.

female squirting

want to make your female squirt?

The meaning of the different orgasm ejaculation, orgasm usually occurs first followed by ejaculation is when a discharge in men and women. Typically the sex arousal will start from foreplay build up, dirty talk, etc. Discharge in women of love is known as squirting. There are opinions that equate ejaculation and squirting, but there is also a difference. But they both cause discharge from the body, and the liquid is not urine.

Understanding the female squirting

Urethra female body parts that secrete fluid ejaculation, this is the same channel that is used to remove urine. For women who are not able to control the pubococcygeus muscle (PC), there is a possibility that the release of urine. Urine often comes together when ejaculation easily. Okay, there are typically 4 stages that you have to go through. Be gentle, don’t rush.

For women who have a fear of passing urine during sex would be difficult for him to get a peak of sexual pleasure. So give encouragement that you also want a partner to an orgasm and ejaculation. Give meaning to couples not resist the urge to urinate during sex, because maybe that’s when he’ll get his ejaculation.

How to stimulate Gspot Use your fingers

Most women can obtain ejaculation by stimulation of the clitoris, or through the other sex as penetration Mr. P and breast stimulation. But one of the most effective ways to make your partner ejaculate is by stimulation of the female G – spot using fingers

Before starting the G – spot stimulation do foreplay first so lubricating vagina can come out to facilitate the next step. When the couple began to stretch favors, put your two fingers gently and slowly into the vagina, while the palm of your hand can be used to provide stimulation outside Miss V. Because stimulation of the clitoral area that also gives an additional effect that can be outside.

Enter your two fingers of one to two inches deep, and find the ball round the back of the clitoris. That area of ​​the G – pot women. Perhaps at first a little difficult for you to find it, but you have to keep exploring to really find it. Enlist the help of friends to give a code if you ‘ve touched. Perform a soft attack and sometimes a little push on the G – spot area and see your partner’s reaction to the action.

Stimulus to boost use your other hand to press down the area between the navel and pubis.

If your partner feels the urge to urinate ask him to ignore it because it is not a real desire and just a sensation. If he was not able to stem the desire to urinate, assure her by saying “unfortunately I can not wait to make you dripping wet with my fingers”

When couples reach orgasm and that’s when he began to convulse ejaculation, and liquid glass would be running down your fingers. Prepare a towel or tissue to clean up the liquid.

After ejaculation is completed, couples may ask you for a moment, because Miss V also becomes very sensitive  (Just like as Mr. P when completed ejaculation). Wait a moment where the couple is ready next pleasure.

Use the vibrator if necessary

To reach the peak of pleasure takes some experimentation and approaches. Maybe you want to give a stimulus to other body parts while Mr. P penetrates. If the variety of ways that does not work make orgasm and ejaculation, then you can advise couples to use a vibrator.

Basically all women can orgasm, just how you are able to convince her and patiently helped dispel the obstacles that will make it the clear liquid spray to your vital areas. Importantly that is how I can give squirt to many women before easily. Try that.

How To Make Your Penis Bigger

November 18th, 2013

If you are wondering how or techniques enlarge your penis up to 6 cm, then here are few methods to be shared. This technique is proven to make your penis bigger fast and naturally if do it right. Read here: Get a bigger penis safely but be sure to warm up though.

1. Start with jelqing Jelqing is a technique used to stretch the penis and is one of the best techniques to increase penis size naturally. This can be done with or without lubrication. Ok, then you might watch this youtube video on how to make your penis bigger without pills or any devices. Start with one hand to make the experience a semi – erect penis. With fingers still wrapped around the penis. End to the penis massage to increase blood flow through all networks. Then switch to the other hand and repeat. You can do this exercise about fifteen times for maximum results.

2. Stretching the penis When the penis being flaccid, pull the penis gently. Do not pull too hard because it can cause pain. Hold the stretch for ten to fifteen seconds and release. This exercise can also be repeated about fifteen times a day. The blood will flow more the room of corpora cavernosa resulting in a greater result.

bigger penis in less than 6 weeks

the best penis enlargement exercises

3. Try the balloon method Ballooning is a known potent exercise lengthen penis, about one to three inches. This exercise can also extend up to five times the male ejaculation during sexual intercourse or masturbation. When you are about to ejaculate, stop the process and then massage the genital area as a whole, allowing blood to flow easily. If you routinely perform this exercise, the penis will begin to grow more corpora cavernosa – which feels like a spongy tissue in the penis. Perform Jelqing and stretching techniques every day to increase your penis size naturally. If you prefer the balloon method, you do not need to do that on every occasion of sexual intercourse. But, if you are the more frequent balloon method, the better the results. That is how you can make your penis bigger without pills. Thanks for reading.

Has Anyone Tried Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred?

November 25th, 2013

Just a quick post to everyone here about the new 30 day shred DVD by Jillian. Has anyone tried this before? I’m looking for results that can lose my weight around 30 pounds in a month.

Why does your diet fail? Find the answer now.
Info about the diet continues to grow. But there was no other way, you do have to follow it. For purposes: successful weight loss target. In a study of diet and exercise in Europe, participants were given a detailed explanation about the latest research about diet, tend to get better motivation to exercise more or eat healthier (or both), than the group who did not have information about it. It’s time you also need to know the latest research on diet success.

There are 8 new facts are interesting to note. But here is the best advice to all of you who are looking for new diet plan. I urge you to see some of the 30 day shred results by my friends.


1. Slim = 3500 calories should reduce

FALSE >> According to research at the National Institutes of Health, this formula does not take into account the widely cited metabolism slows down when heavily reduced. As a result, the estimated decrease too fast (senior researcher Kevin D. Hall, Ph.D.).


30 days shred diet plan

can you be the next jillian michaels?

Exact formula is: do not just consider burning calories at reduced weight, but also take into account:

- Weight now

- age

- How much food is consumed (and other factors).

According to the old formula, if you cut 500 calories per day, you will go down 0.5 pounds in one week (500 x 7 days = 3,500 calories, or 0.5 kg) – and lost 12 pounds in six months. But the latest formula showed reduced weight of only 9 kg.

Backward abstinence. Set diet goals. So you remain optimistic and resolute though the scales do not move the needle. Try Body Weight Simulator, site. You can estimate how much weight you want to go and how long it will take, by changing the calorie intake and your exercise intensity.

2. Eat three meals a day is as effective as a small meal many times

TRUE >> new University of Missouri study: three meals a day = eating many times in small portions (plus eating interlude) in a day. So, just select. Often people misinterpret the size of the ‘ mini- meal’ and end up eating more calories than you realize (Heather J. Leidy, Ph.D.)

Avoid extreme portion you want to eat three times a day or implement the strategy of” small portions”? Just remember one important thing, avoid extreme diets (eating one or two times). Because it tends to trigger hunger.


3. Avoiding carbs is the best way to maintain weight

FALSE >> Better to choose to eat a balanced diet. Plan a balanced push down metabolism that is not too extreme (below 300 calories per day) and did not trigger heart problems.

To be Successful. A balanced diet is the inclusion of whole grains, fresh vegetables, eggplant, fruits, nuts, healthy oils such as olive oil, and fish or lean meat. Recognize “low glycemic” foods that raise blood sugar only slightly in the long term. This type of diet based on hormones and the regulation of blood sugar levels in the body. Well, at this is according to jillian michaels on his 30 Day shred. This diet is most easily applied to long-term.


How to Enjoy Sex?

October 27th, 2013

You are here because you want to learn about sex, obviously we are going to cover lots of great sex topics that can spice up your life a little bit and i hope you like reading here. Sooner more articles will be published here.